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Corporate Social Responsibility

• Conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

• Protecting the environment and the safety of people.

• Supporting human rights.

• Engaging, learning, respecting, and supporting the communities and cultures with whom we work.

NCD Energy’s Business code of conduct, we ensure that all matters of Corporate Social Responsibilities are considered and supported in our operations and administrative matters.

NCD Energy is committed to being recognized as a leader in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, by adding significant value for everyone who is associated with us.

NCD Energy is strictly abide by CSR Policy, for any business activities undertaken directly or its subsidiaries anywhere in the world.

NCD Energy employees and contractors will adopt the Corporate Social Responsibility considerations described in this policy into day-to-day work activities.

NCD Energy management will act as a role model by incorporating those considerations into decision-making in all business activities.

NCD Energy has created proper organizational structures to effectively recognize, monitor, and accomplish Corporate Social Responsibility issues and performance pertinent to businesses.

This Policy is built on the following areas that reflect existing and emerging standards of Corporate Social Responsibility:

Business Conscience and Transparency:

NCD Energy is committed to the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices to maintain excellence in daily operations, and to endorse confidence in governance systems.

NCD Energy do conduct its business in an extremely transparent, honest, and ethical manner.

NCD Energy appreciates the importance of shielding social, ecological, financial, physical, informative assets.

NCD Energy emphasize and inculcate the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, to its channel partners, subcontractors, and suppliers, and put an honest effort with all of them to achieve uniformity on CSR policy.

NCD Energy is dedicated to measuring, assessing, and publicly reporting performance on its Corporate Social Responsibility agendas.